50-Year Reunion Sub-Committees


Here is the list of our awesome sub-committee leaders and members who will do so much to ensure the excellence of our Bellflower High School Class of 1972 50-Year Reunion:

Reunion Sub-Committees

Sub-Committee Leaders


Event Site Selection / Management Committee

Mara Stone, Kerry McCluggage, Barb Lovingier

Ed Eynon

Reunion Program Agenda

  Bev Rodriguez, Rosemary Jaffee

Barb Lovingier, Ed Eynon, Don Loftis, Mike Nadalsky, Cindy Naretta, Ted Spaseff

Food and Beverage

Becky Greenfield, Denise Lorenco

Barb Lovingier, Bev Rodriguez, Cindy Naretta, Ted Spaseff, Leslee Young


Glenn Caldwell, Dale Morrison, Wally Carlstrom, Calvin Davis

Ed Eynon, Bev Rodriguez, Jay Davis, Emily Iseminger, Leroy Moore, Mike Nadalsky, Dirk Rogers, Randy Alsenz

Transportation / Maps / Parking

Cindy Naretta

Debbie Peurrung, Jim Rusher

Room / Location Arrangement

Lesslee Young, Barb Lovingier

Robert Costa, Bev Hollingsworth, Mary Logan, Cindy Naretta, Debbie Peurrung, Jim Slover, Ted Spaseff


Joyce Belt, Charlie Collucci, Ed Eynon

Richard Biringer, Beth Bustrum, Janice Crocker, Denise Lorenco, Lourdes Oliva, Gail Peterson, Jim Reynolds

Give Back to BHS

Harry Bigelow, Rob Dodson, Marcella Gardea, Ted Spaseff

Barb Lovinger, Glenn Caldwell, Randy Eggleston, Jan Goodsell, Bill Thompson

Classmate Search

Mara Stone, Melissa Blaylock, Rob Costa, Norm Hamada

Dale Bosley, Ed Eynon, Jan Goodsell, Robert Johnson, Steve Lavoy, Jill Mulder, Jim Rusher

Awards / Recognition

Barb Lovingier, Ed Eynon, Kerry McCluggage

Pat Coleman, Steve Lavoy, Cindy Naretta, Jim Rusher, Joann Watson, Jim Yonce

Finance / Registration

Mara Stone, Christy Day

Barb Lovingier, Ed Eynon, Robert Costa, Barry Dahlen, Norm Hamada, Cindy Naretta, Linda Beaird, Sherry Poteet



BHS '72 50-Year Reunion Sub-Committee Expectations and Responsibilities

EVENT SITE SELECTION/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Determines and secures by contract the reunion event locations, dates and times. A "Ballpark guess" of reunion attendees is 100 to 150.  Also negotiates, secures and communicates group hotel room rates for out-of-town classmates or local classmates looking for good rates at a good hotel. This is the coordinating committee to whom all other sub-committees come for additional support. Handles all contracts for venues, bands, photographer, etc.

REUNION PROGRAM AGENDA SUB-COMMITTEE: Develops and oversees event program elements: content, timing, flow, program talent, agendas, etc.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SUB-COMMITTEE: In conjunction with the event contracts and Event Site Selection committee, determines appropriate taste, presentation and meal choices. Also works with the Event Site Selection committee to determine how beverages are handled (cash bar, meal beverages, BYO, etc.). Also works with the Room/Location Arrangement sub-committee to place food stations that help maximize classmate mingling opportunities.

GOLF SUB-COMMITTEE: Plans and oversees all aspects of a fun 9-hole golf tournament for Friday afternoon for a targeted 25 classmates. Based on the venue contract, determines any additional golf practice or golf instruction prior to tee off, helps golfers get their golf balls and lunch, drives formation of teams, cart assignment, rules and rewards of the tournament, arranges for any snacks and beverages. Helps communicate and recruits 25 golf tournament participants from class members.  A “best ball scramble” format (best format for golfers of all abilities, including for classmates with no golf ability) will likely be utilized for the tournament.

TRANSPORTATION/MAPS/PARKING SUB-COMMITTEE: Develops, produces and distributes all documents relating to event directions and maps and communicates what to expect with parking and other transportation options, if any.

ROOM/LOCATION ARRANGEMENT SUB-COMMITTEE: Designs the decorations and room layout for both events (Friday's Recreation Park 18 Country Club mingle and Saturday’s Mayne Events Center Dinner Dance and program), including furniture placement, seating, table decorations, room decorations and works with the food and beverage sub-committee to determine food station locations that maximize classmate mingling opportunities. Ideally, the room arrangement (furniture and food station placement) for the dinner on Saturday night can encourage maximum mingling opportunities and flow of classmates, yet provide ample seating when desired. Classmate John Dedic had the good idea of avoiding the traditional “table rounds for 10 people” that often “lock in” classmates who are too polite to exit the table to mingle (or "rude" enough to do so--one can't win).

MUSIC SUB-COMMITTEE: Helps select the band(s) for the Friday casual event and at the Saturday dinner dance and class program event. Ensures that the contracted bands adhere to our expectations of quiet background music for the Friday night event, dance music for the Saturday event and ensure strict compliance with the limited break provisions of the contract. Helps determine the songs to be played and supplements the music during breaks with other pre-recorded music. Also works with the Room/Location Arrangements sub-committee to determine the position of music equipment in each room or location.

GIVE BACK TO BHS SUB-COMMITTEE: Solicits and secures donations from willing classmates and others to give back to Bellflower High School in a special way, including the presentation of the gift(s) to the recipient(s). The scope of this committee also includes the search for faculty members from our era and the determination on complimentary invitations to them to join in our reunion activities.

CLASSMATE SEARCH SUB-COMMITTEE: Creatively digs deep into the world of lost BHS ’72 classmates (about 250 at this point) and finds them, contacts them and persuades these classmates to go on the website and to register with us, to share their memories, to add their personal pictures and be part of this family and reunion. Also confirms correct addresses, phone numbers and emails of existing classmates already on the Bellflower72.com class website.

AWARDS/RECOGNITION SUB-COMMITTEE: Develops the award/recognition categories and criteria, how winners will be selected and ensures the acquisition of quality, donated prizes from classmates who have signed up to provide prizes and from others who are willing to do so.

FINANCE/REGISTRATION SUB-COMMITTEE: Manages the reunion registration process for the 2 official reunion events, golf and donations. This sub-committee works with the other sub-committees to stay within their budgets. Develops name badges for all classmates and their guests. Manages the registration process, payments and volunteers for the front desk at the reunion.