Give Back to BHS 50-year

The Give Back to BHS 50-Year Reunion Progress of the Class of 1972

This space is reserved for classmate Harry (Bigelow) Cason and the Give Back to BHS 50-year Reunion Sub Committee to communicate efforts to raise money for donation to Bellflower High School in 2022. 


The Give Back to BHS subcommittee, headed up by the preeminent Harry (Bigelow) Cason and his outstanding team members, is well on its way with $1000 already collected through the generosity of our registered reunion participants. Harry is now in full stride to match or surpass the outstanding work and contributions given 10 years ago after our 40-year reunion. Here is a direct note from Harry to all you BHS ’72 classmates:

Harry (Bigelow) Cason here. I've been appointed spokesperson for the Give Back program, and I wanted to give a quick shout-out to the wonderful folks who've already donated $1000.00 to help the school. Fantastic! Thank you... I'm in conversations with Michael Lundgren, the current Principal of BHS, and he's thrilled we're helping them out. Mr. Lundgren is a very high-energy, enthusiastic guy, who's been Principal there for over a decade. I've met him on several occasions, and I've always been impressed and appreciative of how dedicated he is to the school. Ten years ago, our Give Back to BHS program raised around $5,000.00, and it helped BHS procure the electronic billboard outside the school...something they'd been saving for years. We put them over the top, and they were so grateful. Principal Lundgren has also stated he'd be happy to organize a tour of BHS to all who may be interested. (See note below by classmate Jim Rusher about the tour).

This year at our reunion we're planning on another silent auction, like we had at the 40th. All the proceeds go to BHS, of course. I've asked Principal Lundgren to give us his ideas of what projects our money could be involved in, so we feel like we're making a difference. What's more, I'd love to see each one of us find a way to donate $50.00 per person, one way or another as a tribute to our 50th reunion. This would not only help the school, but I'll be contacting the newspapers with our plan, hoping to raise awareness for other classes who are having, or will be having their own reunion. I'm also in the process of determining how any of us can give a donation in the name of a loved one, or a Dear Departed Buccaneer... I'll be donating in the name of my late friend and BHS Alum, Mark Johnson.

I think a Give Back program should be a part of everyone's reunion. In many schools, it already is. 

Naturally, this is all voluntary, and any amount donated, or any item entered into the silent auction will be greatly appreciated.

So, thank you in advance for your time and effort and for caring enough about our old Alma Mater, to try and make the BHS experience a little bit better for the kids who are attending now.

Feel free to reach out to me via the website, and as our reunion draws nearer I'll be keeping everyone updated. This should be fun, and I'll work to keep it that way. Cheers! Harry."   



As mentioned by Harry above, there is an opportunity to be part of an on-campus BHS tour prior to our August reunion activities. Seeing and hearing your opinions about what the school may need is a valuable input to the Give Back to BHS committee.  If you have interest in taking this BHS tour, just respond back to invigorated classmate Jim Rusher through the website or to this class email. Here is the tour reference straight from Jim himself:

“As part of our 50th reunion festivities, we have added a new event that you won’t want to miss. Through the efforts of Harry Bigelow[and myself], we have a rare opportunity to take a tour of the BHS campus. How exciting is that? Remember the classrooms, quad, and football fields where many of our high school memories were created? Now we can relive them – 50 years later.
At this point a date has not yet been set, as we would like to get a headcount for planning purposes. If you are interested, please respond through the website to me or to this email. We look forward to seeing you on this trip down memory lane!” Jim Rusher.



We have just received some great news on the Give Back to BHS Subcommittee front.

Classmate Harry (Bigelow) Cason just informed us that an anonymous BHS 1972 classmate is committed to match up to $10,000.00 of the funds we separately raise! 

That means, for all of us math-challenged folks, if we raise $10,000.00 on our own, this good anonymous class benefactor will provide the Give Back to BHS subcommittee with another $10,000.00 towards the funds the committee will be giving to BHS for priority projects to enhance the school.

Wow! So, here's to at least $20,000.00 (double our contribution of $5,000.00 at our 40-year reunion) going to good old BHS if we raise $10,000.00 on our own. 

Think of what a lasting impact that kind of money will be to the school that we love and from which we springboarded into our lives. 

All the best, from your 3 big cheeses, Mara, Kerry and Barb.