War of the Worlds

Dear BHS Class of 1972: Here is a quick photo recap of the February 11, 2012 production of H.G. Wells'  "War of the Worlds," as presented by many of our classmates in the Robert Newman Theater on the BHS campus.

 A portrait of Robert Newman, for whom the BHS Theater is named and the evening's honoree:


The brains and brawn behind the production--Harry Bigelow Cason--Director, Chief Writer / MC:


Charlie Collucci kicking things off in his big baritone radio voice:


In the heat of the moment--Aliens landing--full on-stage cast, including a very animated Bill Thompson:


Robbie Dodson and Janice Crocker in perfect form; Charlie is readying the TV monitor to display the live Skype broadcast link to Jan Goodsell in Japan as part of the performance:



Charlie Collucci and John Dodson working the technical side of the production:


Robbie Dodson, Lynn McCluggage Clause and Kerry McCluggage following the script and awaiting their individual cues:


Delighted audience members and BHS royalty Nancy Straite Cooper-Barone and Mara Stone Thomson:



A post-production soiree--Kerry McCluggage, Ed Eynon, Mike Nadalsky, Bill Thompson and Daryl Koops:


Pure triumph and a little sweat--Joyce Byer Belt, Harry Bigelow Cason, Doug Belt, Charlie Collucci:


A rare shot of Robbie Dodson, a classmate who will be registering soon on Bellflower72.com as promised:


Janice's sister Loretta Crocker Vlaardingerbroek with Janice Crocker Prewitt and Joyce Byer Belt:


Integrated cast and audience--Judy Van Surksum Koops, Bill Thompson, Bellflower Mayor Pro Tem/Daryl's brother/Judy's husband Dan Koops, Daryl Koops and former long jumper Mike Nadalsky:


 Harry and Charlie, basking in the well deserved afterglow of the evening:


Other BHS '72 classmates were present but not captured in these photos--Becky Alt Greenfield, Cindy Naretta Kirkland (who nearly got thrown out for excessive whooping and hollering), Wayne Vick, and BHS '71 alumnus (a wannabe BHS '72 man) Howard Prouty. Pictured here is BHS '75 alumna Lynn McCluggage Clause flanked by two other BHS Alumnae--Can you guess who?