Give Back to BHS

From "Give Back to BHS" chair Harry Bigelow Cason:

Hi All,

An update on the Give Back to BHS stuff... I just got off the phone with Mike Lundgren, the Principal of BHS, and he was stunned and thrilled to hear how much money we raised for the school. He was actually speechless. And he's completely on-board for anything further we'd like to having a photo op with himself and perhaps the Mayor as one of us presents the check -- a good way to get in the newspapers and raise awarness of the cause, and get other alums to get on the band wagon... And a photo op when a Letterman jacket is presented to some worthy athlete...another great photo op. He and I are going to start an entity for money dontated to the school so there's a trail as to where it's needed and where it's going, that kind of thing. And he's very excited about "A Christmas Carol" coming up in December that some of us will be involved in, along with Don Hahn and Mr. Newman...again, a great photo op, and a great way to generate more p.r. And hey, Cheer Squad, money can certainly go to the current Squad to help them out. Talk about a photo op, the "Big Sisters" of '72 hanging with the current Pepsters? That's a shot I wanna' see. Or, you had a great time in a Science Class? Maybe they need something...or a particular sport, or whatever. We could get creative and figure out a way we can all help our little niche at BHS... Beyond all that, I continue to be touched and proud off all the efforts and all the generosity each and every one of you showed regarding this little endeavor. If it just shows the kids at BHS that somebody still cares, that somebody is still proud of BHS and its students, that's a very big deal.

Love, Harry


Thanks BHS '72--The New Marquee

Giving Back to Bellflower High School

The BHS of Class of 1972 has long been known as one of the smartest, kindest and most generous of any class ever to have attended Bellflower High School. It is natural then that, 40 years later, the class would be heavily involved in giving their financial and moral support to Bellflower High School. 

BHS '72 classmate Harry Bigelow Cason, upon being inspired by his own wife's generosity to her school, began a dialogue with the 40-year reunion planning committee about how members of the class of 1972 might give back to the school. Hence, like so many others who initiate a good idea, Harry was put in charge of the class' "Give Back to BHS" committee with the charge to make things happen.

Harry did make things happen and many BHS '72 classmates responded by participating and attending the War of the Worlds fundraiser production (raised $3500) and by giving directly through the reunion registration process on this website ($1100 raised so far). The focus of the fundraising was to help purchase a computerized marquee for Bellflower High School's main entrance to replace its broken, non-electric sign in front of the school's administration building. Last month, the 6-year goal of now-former BHS Principal Joe Perry was realized and the marquee was installed. 

In a newpaper account last month of the new marquee, Principal Perry's appreciation for our class' contribution was clear when he said "...most importantly, individual concerned citizens and alumni have resulted in the funding necessary to completely cover the cost of the new marquee."

Well done Harry and BHS '72 classmates. Below are six pictures: 1) one shot of the old sign, 2) one shot at the installation of the marquee, 3) four shots of the new marquee. 

Way to be true to your school! 

The old marquee sign that was in great need of replacement; check out the hole in the sign:


The picture taken of the new computerized marquee as first shown in the newspaper:





Marquee shot #1:


Marquee shot #2:


Marquee shot #3:


Marquee shot #4: