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07/26/22 05:07 PM #72    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

I am so happy to announce that Anita Julius is going to be coming to the reunion!!  

07/27/22 07:08 AM #73    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Robbie Robbins is the newest person to sign up for our BIG REUNION!  
Don't miss your chance for a weekend of fun with good friends!

07/27/22 05:42 PM #74    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

We're filling up fast!
Ted Spaseff will be coming to the reunion in less than a month!

07/27/22 07:31 PM #75    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Everyone remembers Linda Ferre!  She's coming to the BIG 50th REUNION!

07/28/22 08:38 AM #76    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Richard Peña and Janet Logan Pena have signed up for the BIG reunion!
if you need to get on the list like Richard and Janet,  do it today!


07/28/22 12:27 PM #77    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Hi Everyone

If you get an email from Classmates that states I cancelled the reunion, it's not true.  The reunion is still on with no problems.

I took it down from because it wouldn't let me use our website to direct people to the correct reunion info.

Again, if you get an email that I cancelled the reunion, just ignore it.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


07/28/22 01:46 PM #78    


Calvin L. Davis

Hi Mara, this is great to see all the friends signing up. This will be a great event. Thanks for all the work you've done. Can't wait to see you again.

07/28/22 02:01 PM #79    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Aww..thanks Calvin!  It will be great seeing you too!  It's going to be a really fun event!  I hohnestly can't wait to see everyone again.  We have the best class at BHS!!

07/28/22 02:02 PM #80    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Go Bucs!!  Deb Wilmoth has signed up and will be joining us at the reunion!!

07/29/22 12:27 PM #81    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Jill Grinder has just signed up for our BIG 50 Year Reunion!

07/31/22 04:08 PM #82    


Sandy McDonald (Barr)

Okay...Debbie Contreras wins the prize! She called and and talked me into going! I'll you all on Saturday night! Especially since most of my Girl Scout troop will be there! 😁😂 <>>

Thank you Mara, Ed, and Committee for all your hard work you put in. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

07/31/22 05:05 PM #83    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Sandy, I am so glad you're coming to the reunion!   Debbie Contreras is one super friend!  It's going to be so much fun!


08/01/22 08:11 AM #84    

Harry M. Bigelow (Cason)

Sandy, my dance partner...! So glad you'll be attending.

08/01/22 04:05 PM #85    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)


Newest members to join the reunion:

Melody Van Pelt
Marcia Tibbetts

I am looking forward to seeing both of you!




08/02/22 08:50 AM #86    


Sandy McDonald (Barr)

Yes indeed Harry! One last dance please :) 

08/02/22 10:24 AM #87    

Steven LaVoy

Howdy, fellow  BHS graduates.  

Just curious if anyone is planning to RV to the reunion.    We made reservations at Orangeland RV Park in Orange, CA, and will be there Thursday 8/25 to Sunday 8/28.    Let me know if you are going to be there too. 

Steve ana Ana LaVoy     (928) 848 8650  and


08/02/22 12:37 PM #88    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Hi Everyone!
Don't forget your phones/cameras!   We'll have an area where you can take fun selfies with the friends of your choice!  Then everyone can send their pictures to Ed and he can upload them to our website for everyone to enjoy!

08/05/22 10:47 AM #89    


Michael D. Roberts

Hi Mara, I won’t be able to attend the Saturday night festivities but will be there on Friday night. How casual is the attire for Friday night? Shorts and flip flops casual? Looking forward to seeing everyone!




08/05/22 05:31 PM #90    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)


Hi Mike...the night is casual, dress is nice casual.

I'm wearing jeans....I'm sure some will wear shorts.


08/05/22 06:11 PM #91    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)



Debbie Huddleston, Darrell Goodro and John Deneen

All 3 signed up for the reunion today!



08/06/22 11:41 AM #92    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)


Want to get a head start on what you'll want to bid on at the Silent Auction?  Check out the great things already on display!
Go to BHS 50 -Year Reunion August 2022.  Then click on Reunion Silent Auction Item List to get your first peek.



08/06/22 04:05 PM #93    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

More great news!  Tom Davidson is our 97th classmate to sign up for the reunion!

08/06/22 10:00 PM #94    


Ed T. Eynon

Tom is also our 137th individual to have registered for a BHS '72 50-year reunion event versus an initial target of 100. Way to go everyone! An epic reunion is on its way for sure. 

08/08/22 05:10 PM #95    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Kevin Dart has just joined our party!!  He'll be coming to the 50 Year Reunion!!

He's # 98...Who willl be #100?

08/08/22 05:13 PM #96    


Mara L. Thomson (Stone)

Beat the rush on the nights of the reunion!   Pre-order your raffle tickets and have them waiting for you at the door.

Go to BHS '72 Raffle Tickets and Silent Auction Payments (on the left)

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