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09/02/11 04:44 PM #1    

Ed T. Eynon

I remember Robert as a good guy whose physical maturity came early and, athletically, was a man among boys for many years.

09/25/11 05:43 PM #2    

Kevin Dart

I haven't seen Robert since a few years after high school, but I still think of him. I know Robert could occasionally be a little rough around the edges, but I also know he had a big heart. From back in seventh grade when I tore up my ankle and was on crutches for two weeks, Robert helped carry my books; to a few years after high school when I was out of work and he gave me a job working construction with him and his dad, "Bulldog". What I learned from them about building and construction continues with me today. I also remember he liked to laugh alot. It was real sad to see that he had passed and I hope he found peace.

11/06/11 06:57 PM #3    

Kim Ann Kekich (Milosevich)

What can I say about Burley Bob.  He had my heart for many years as he was one of my close friends.  I remember when my Dad, Coach Kekich, purchased his new Cadillac and I was on the phone with Bob and Mike Roberts.  On a dare, they asked if Coach would pick them up and cruise Bellflower Blvd.  My Dad went and got them and we did indeed cruise the boulevard.  The look on their faces was priceless.  Bob didn't have an easy life, though some would argue.  We lost touch when he remarried for the second time, but what I do remember was his his great smile...BMOC status...his Mustang...and his sense of humor.  Memories are eternal, and he will stay in mine.  God Bless my friend.

07/19/12 09:36 AM #4    

Harry M. Bigelow (Cason)

I think of Bob the way I've heard Hollywood old-timers speak of Clark Gable...Bob was "The King". There was an effortless handling of power and grace to the guy, an openness, and a seeming fearlessness. He and I travelled in different circles, but he and I both felt totally at ease with each other, perhaps due to the level of accomplishments we both achieved in our separate arenas of BHS. I remember him telling me, very matter-of-factly how he had his teeth kicked in during "B" football, and there was nothing to do but just yank 'em all back into place -- no matter the excruciating pain. "That's football", he said with a chuckle. No, that's "The King", being able to weather the pain and just move forward. Rest easy, Bob.

07/22/14 10:06 AM #5    

Michael D. Roberts

I just discovered this website and the fact that Robert had passed on. We were close friends for many years and I am really saddened to hear that he is gone. Having a best friend that was popular, athletic and in demand with the bhs girls was not always easy, but a good life lesson nevertheless.

Robert and I spent to a of time out in the desert riding dirt bikes. Those were my fondest memories. 

Rest in peace big man!!!

07/25/14 07:06 PM #6    

Marcela R. Gardea (Winger)

I will never forget robert. He was my first crush in 8th grade he danced with me at the dance and I thought something was wrong with him to dance with me.Its a moment I will never forget. We always had a bond from faraway after that.                Marcela Gardea Winger

02/08/22 10:41 AM #7    

Andy J. Revilla

Yep Berly Bob was a great friend we had quite a few adventures and of course Mike R was in the thick of it as well ....loved our "Dirty Bikes" and lots of time spent in the High Desert
Speaking of Desert riding anyone have knowledge of Larry Snow? He had a OSSA MOTORCYCLE very rare and fast...anyway on one trip Snow ran down a jackrabbit and jump off his bike to try and "bull dog" the little ferry critter...a cloud of dust and high pitch scream and there he was laying on the Desert sand..
Ooo ya no rabbits were harmed on this amazing stunt 👏 😉

02/09/22 12:38 PM #8    

Larry G. Snow

   Alot oh my memories about school , football , dirtriding , all have Bob in the mix . He was always there for you . But most of all he could make me laugh . Some of my fondest memories was going dirt riding with him in the dessert . There was another time outside of Andys account that him and I chased this rabbit , it would cut to the side so fast one of us hung back and chased it after it made its cut . This went on for some time before it just got so tired it stopped !  Bob picks up this jackrabbit and puts it on his gas tank and started petting it .....then we let it go . WHat can I say ....He was a Hoot ! 








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