BHS '72 40-year Reunion Survey

Instructions: Please answer the following questions by selecting one or more (unless indicated to pick one only) of the multiple-choice answers listed under each question. We will compile your answers and use the information to help us plan next summer's BHS Class of 1972 40th Year Reunion. Thank you. Here we go!

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1)   * How did you hear of the website?

  Classmate told me about it.
  Relative or friend told me about it.
  I am a cyberspace pro and found it on my own.
  I have no life, thus I surf the web constantly and stumbled upon it like the proverbial blind hog finding the acorn now and then.
2)   * We are nearly 40 years removed from our BHS 1972 graduation. Whether your high school experience was good, bad or indifferent, how do you now feel about being part of the BHS '72 family and this website's effort to bring us back in contact with each other?

  I am proud of our class and I like the idea of our own website to help us stay in touch.
  After lots of therapy, I now feel pretty good about the class and welcome the reconnection.
  I get a queasy feeling in my tummy when I even think of seeing my BHS '72 classmates, but am curious enough to be on this site.
  Leave me alone, I am embarrassed to be part of this nutty BHS family.
3)   * How would you rate your experience at Bellflower High School back in the day?

  A great experience overall.
  Mostly positive, with occasional challenges and tough times.
  So-so, nothing to write home about.
  Rough, challenging, some degree of ickiness.
  I don't remember anything positive about high school.
  I don't remember. Could you ask the question again?
4)   * Which animal would you choose to best describe your personality during high school?


Pick one only.
5)   * BHS '72 has held reunions at the 5-year, 10-year, 20-year and 30-year anniversaries of our graduation. At that rate and our advancing age, we will likely hold a 40-year and a 50-year and that may be it. How would you describe your desire to have our class hold a 40-year reunion in 2012?

  9 or 10 on a 10-point scale.
  7 or 8 on a 10-point scale.
  5 or 6 on a 10-point scale.
  Less than 5 on a 10-point scale.
  Not even one point on a 100-point scale.
6)   * Now, rate your likelihood of attending our 40-year BHS '72 reunion.

  I am already there--yes.
  I will likely be there--very probably.
  I am on the fence about going--maybe.
  Slim chance--real shaky.
  I am a no go--no way, no how.
7)   * Which "summer" month in 2012 would you prefer we hold our 40th?

  This far out, any of these 4 "summer" months works.
  Go pound sand, not interested.
8)   * The unsolicited recommendations for our reunion activities so far are all over the map. Officially, what activities would you like to see at our reunion?

  1 casual event only.
  1 nicer event only.
  1 casual event and 1 nicer event over 1 day.
  2 casual events over 2 days.
  1 casual event and 1 nicer event over 2 days.
  2 nicer events over 2 days.
  2 casual and 2 nicer events over 2 days.
  3-day bender.
9)   * If we have one or more casual events, please choose your CASUAL EVENTS preference.

  Picnic in a park (bring your own meal).
  Picnic at BHS (bring your own meal).
  Picnic at the beach (bring your own meal).
  Outdoor cookout or barbecue in a park.
  Outdoor cookout or barbecue at BHS.
  Outdoor cookout or barbecue at the beach.
  Happy hour mingle at a hotel watering hole or other public place.
  Golf outing.
  Tour of Bellflower High School.
  Group attendance at a sporting event (Angels or Dodgers Baseball game).
  BHS football game (if reunion is held in September).
10)   * If we have one or more nicer events, please chose your NICER EVENTS preference.

  Dinner / program at a hotel or resort.
  Dinner / program at a country club.
  Dinner / program at BHS.
  Dinner / program at a restaurant.
  Dinner / program on a stationary boat.
  Dinner / program / cruise on a moving boat.
  Dinner / program at a museum or other cool public facility.
11)   * For a NICER REUNION EVENT, what is the highest per person charge before classmates would say it is too expensive and choose not to attend because of price?

  $35 per person.
  $50 per person.
  $100 per person.
  $150 per person.
  $200 per person.
  No limit. How could you put a limit on such a priceless event?
12)   * For a CASUAL EVENT, what dress code would you like to see?

  Come as you are.
  Calif. summer casual (shorts, T-shirts, flip flops).
  Resort casual (dressier shorts, collared shirts, casual dresses, no flip flops).
  Retro / Old school (leisure suits, BHS '72 attire).
  Theme dress (pirate, celebrity lookalike, hobo, beatnik, etc.).
  No dress code, dress for comfort (but not come as your are).
13)   * For a NICER EVENT, what dress code would you like to see?

  Business casual (slacks, collared shirts, pant suits).
  Business (slacks, coats, skirts, blouses, dresses).
  Semi-formal (suits and ties, dresses).
  Formal (tuxedos, gowns).
  No dress code, dress to impress me only.
14)   * For a CASUAL EVENT that you choose to attend, would you prefer:

  Classmate only.
  Classmate plus one (spouse, partner, significant other, relative).
  Classmate plus family (includes only immediate children at home).
  Classmate plus extended family (any children of classmate regardless of age or status).
  Classmate plus jealous alumnus from another BHS class (not 1972).
15)   * For a NICER EVENT that you choose to attend, would you prefer:

  Classmate only.
  Classmate plus one (spouse, partner, significant other, relative).
16)   * Should music be a part of any CASUAL EVENT we choose?

  Yes, rock on.
  Yes, but keep it more in the background.
  No, not at all, I will "drum to my own breat."
17)   * Assuming music and a dance would be a part of any NICER EVENT we choose, in what format should we have them?

  Music played softly throughout the night, turn it up for the dance.
  Dance music only for the dance at the end of the program.
  Dance band for the dance at the end of the program.
18)   * Would you like to be part of the reunion committee to help plan and deliver our reunion?

  Yes, put me to work.
  Yes, but from time to time, nothing steady.
  No, but I could donate an award or prize.
  No, no, heck no.
19)   * Would you enjoy a talent/skit portion as part of the program at the NICER EVENT?

  Yes, and I would like to participate in my own humble way.
  Yes, and I would be interested in heckling the unlucky !@#$@*&s who volunteer.
  No, I would rather just dance my sagging a** off.
  Did anyone in our class actually have talent?
20)   * At the CASUAL EVENT would you be interested in any organized games or sport?

  Yes, I just got off the Biggest Loser (Family Edition) and I am good to go
  Yes, as long as alcohol or other performance enhancing drugs are allowed.
  No, I would not want to participate, but yes, I would like to laugh at classmates who think they "still got it" at our advanced age.
  Maybe, if cardiac defibrillators are on-site and cheerleaders are present.
21)   * Assuming we would recognize our deceased classmates during the NICER EVENT program, in what format should we do so?

  A reading of the names in a short, memorial-type service.
  Their pictures placed on tasteful boards throughout the room.
  A short toast.
  A moment of silence/prayer at the beginning of the evening.
  Leave them alone to rest in peace. No more tribute is needed.
22)   * How flexible is your time for vacation these days?

  I work and need to make my vacation plans no later that the first part of each year in the year I will be taking off.
  I work and can put my vacation plans in for approval at any time.
  I am retired. I am on permanent vacation like Randy Eggleston and am in full control of my schedule..
  I am not sure. What day is this? What year is this? Could your repeat the question a few more times?
23)   * If you had the opportunity to contribute some money to give back to BHS, would you want to?

Yes No
Pick one only.
24)   * If we were to contribute some money back to BHS, in what form should that be?

  Cash in a lump sum presented to the school officials.
  A one-time significant scholarship from our class to a worthy recipient as we did in 1982.
  A recurring scholarship of a smaller amount from the class to a worthy recipient.
  A gift of some kind that could be purchased and would be of value to BHS.
  To be honest, I left enough of my blood, sweat, tears and some of my best years at that place and I ain't giving any more!
25)   * For those who can't stand to see a survey of 24 questions and feel 25 is a better number, we add this 25th question. If I knew then (in our BHS years) what I know now, I would have done this instead:

26)   * Now, to throw the OCD types off, here is a final 26th question. What other comments do you have at this time relative to our reunion?