BHS '72 50-Year Reunion Survey


BHS Class of 1972 50-Year Pre-Reunion Survey

Date of Survey:  26 April 2021  / Targeted Date of Reunion: Summer 2022

Hello BHS '72 Classmates--To better prepare us for an epic 50-year reunion event, we have placed this survey onto this class website for your review and completion. Your answers will be invaluable in helping us structure and organize our reunion activities that most appeal to the greatest number of our classmates. Who knows if this is our last hurrah or not, so we want to make it fun and unforgettable. 

For each multiple-question question, you will be prompted to either "choose one answer only" or to "select all that apply." For the open-ended questions, just fill in your honest thoughts or, if you choose to not write in an answer, just write the word "nothing" into the space. We thank you for being part of our wonderful class and look forward to reviewing your answers on this important class survey.


Your BHS '72 50-year pre-reunion big wigs, Mara, Kerry and Barb.  

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1)   * We are nearly 50 years removed from our BHS 1972 graduation. Whether your High School experience was positive, negative or neutral, how do you feel now about being part of our BHS ‘72 family?

  a. I am proud to be called a lifetime member of the Bellflower Hight School Class of 1972.
  b. It has taken me a while, but I have warmed up to the idea of being a solid member of this class.
  c. When I think of my high school days, I still get the sweats and become a little nauseous, but with the passage of time, and a lot of professional help, I no longer become violently ill.
  d. Would you just not bring up my membership in this class again. Isn’t there enough hate and sadness in this world already?

Choose one answer only.
2)   * How would you rate your experience at Bellflower High School back in the day?

  a. A great experience and a most magical time in my life.
  b. Predominately positive, with the ups and downs one might expect for that time in our lives.
  c. Meh, a little boring.
  d. Brutal, I have stories that would raise the hairs on your neck.
  e. Did we have a High School experience? I admit, I wasn’t all there. Quit bothering me about that.

Choose one answer only.
3)   * Which color would best align with your experience at BHS during 1969 to 1972?

  a. Virginal white
  b. Dark black
  c. Pea green
  d. Burly burlywood
  e. Glorious rainbow
  f. Amicable amaranth
  g. Crazy coquelicot
  h. Lumberjack plaid

Choose one answer only.
4)   * Kindly allowing for one more question on the subject, what song(s) best describes how you felt about your High School years at BHS?

  a. Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins)
  b. Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five)
  c. Freedom (Richie Havens)
  d. Strange Days (Doors)
  e. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Hugo Montenegro)
  f. Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin)
  g. Almost Cut My Hair (Crosby, Stills and Nash)
  h. Bad (Michael Jackson)
  i. The Nutcracker (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)

Select all that apply.
5)   * BHS ’72 has held reunions at the 5-year, 10-year, 20-year, 30-year and 40-year anniversaries of our graduation. At this rate and staring at our upcoming golden years, this 50-year reunion may be it for us. How would you rate your desire to have us hold a 50-year reunion? (10=Very high desire, 1 = Very low desire)

  a. 11
  b. 9 to 10
  c. 5 or 6
  d. Less than 5
  e. You would owe me points, forget it

Choose one answer only.
6)   * We had a great BHS ’72 40-year reunion in 2012. If you went to some or all of it, or just viewed some pictures of it on this website, please tell us which events you really liked best:

  a. Friday golf outing and lunch
  b. Friday night cocktails/appetizers and mingle at the golf course’s indoor clubhouse banquet room
  c. Saturday night mingling with new and old friends at the Long Beach Petroleum Club
  d. Saturday night band and dancing
  e. Saturday night silent auction and raffle/fundraiser for BHS
  f. Saturday night photo booth
  g. Saturday night dinner and program
  h. Saturday night dinner and program
  i I enjoyed every event I attended

Select all that apply.
7)   * As you look back on the BHS ’72 40 -year reunion, what would you have changed?

Please write your suggestions or write "nothing" in the space.
8)   * Now, rate your likelihood of attending our 50-year reunion

  a. Just point me in the right direction and I am there
  b. For sure, I think
  c. Without a doubt, maybe
  d. Slim to none
  e. Get that reunion out of my face

Choose one answer only.
9)   * Which summer month in 2022 would you prefer we hold our 50th?

  a. July
  b. August
  c. September
  d. This far out, I will pencil in all 3 months
  e. Hit the road Jack, not interested in going

Choose one answer only.
10)   * As we structure an epic, memorable 50th reunion, what would be the ideal event plan(s) for us?

  a. Hold only 1 casual event
  b. Hold only 1 nicer event
  c. Hold 1 casual event and 1 nicer event in the same 1-day period
  d. Hold 1 casual event and 1 nicer event over a 2-day period
  e. Hold 1 casual event, 1 nicer event, 1 optional golf round over a 2-day period (like the 40th reunion)
  f. Hold 2 casual events over a 2-day period
  g. Hold 2 nicer events over a 2-day period
  h. 3-day irresponsible binge, quickly forgotten and not held accountable

Select all that apply.
11)   * If we have one or more casual events, please choose your CASUAL EVENT PREFERENCE(s).

  a. Picnic in a park
  b. Band and food trucks in a park
  c. Picnic/beach party/s’mores at the beach
  d. Happy hour mingle / get together at a hotel or other public place
  e. Lunch/mingle at local, fun Bellflower restaurant
  f. Golf tournament
  g. Streaking through BHS campus

Select all that apply.
12)   * If we have one or more nicer events, please choose your NICER EVENT PREFERENCE(s).

  a. Dinner/program at a hotel/resort or indoor facility
  b. Dinner/program at a Bellflower indoor venue (like Women’s Club or Mayne Events center)
  c. Dinner/program at a museum or other cool public facility outside of Bellflower
  d. Dinner/program on a harbor cruise
  e. Dinner/casino night on a ship

Select all that apply.
13)   * For a NICER EVENT, what is the highest per person charge before classmates would say it is too expensive and choose not to attend because of price?

  a. $35 per person
  b. $50 per person
  c. $75 per person
  d. $100 per person
  e. $150 per person
  f. $200 per person
  f. No limit. I am flush with cash. Besides, how could you put a limit on such a priceless event?

Choose one answer only.
14)   * For a CASUAL EVENT, what dress code would you like to see?

  a. California summer casual (shorts, t-shirts, flip flops)
  b. Resort casual (dressier shorts, collared shirts, casual dresses, no flip flops)
  c. Retro/Old School (leisure suits, hippie attire, BHS ’72 attire from 1972)
  d. Theme dress (Pirates, superheroes, celebrity lookalikes, hobos, beatniks, etc.)
  e. No dress code, dress for comfort (but no PJs or house coats)

Select all that apply.
15)   * For a NICER EVENT, what dress code would you like to see?

  a. Business casual (slacks, collared shirts, pant suits)
  b. Business (slacks, coats, skirts, blouses, dresses)
  c. Semi-formal (suits and ties, dresses)
  d. Theme dress--Roaring 20s Gatsby suits and flapper dresses -OR- Fancy western attire
  e. Formal (tuxedos, gowns)

Select all that apply.
16)   * For a CASUAL EVENT that you choose to attend, would you prefer:

  a. Classmate only
  b. Classmate plus one (spouse, partner, significant other)
  c. Classmate plus one adult child
  d. Classmate plus alumna or alumnus from an underprivileged BHS class (any but our 1972 class)

Choose one answer only.
17)   * For a NICER EVENT that you choose to attend, would you prefer:

  a. Classmate only
  b. Classmate plus one (spouse, partner, significant other, other relative)

Choose one answer only.
18)   * Should music be a part of any CASUAL EVENT we choose?

  a. Yes, bring it big and bold
  b. Yes, but keep it in the background
  c. No music, I will bring all the tunes I need in my head

Choose one answer only.
19)   * Assuming music and a dance would be a part of any NICER EVENT we choose, in what format?

  a. Softer music throughout the night, turn it up for the dance
  b. Dance music only for the dance at the end of the program
  c. Intermittent music featuring monk chanting, juice harps, kazoos and didgeridoos

Choose one answer only.
20)   * Would you like to be part of the reunion committee to help plan our reunion?

  a. Yes, rarin’ to help
  b. Yes, but give me an easy assignment
  c. No, but I could donate an award or fundraising item(s)
  d. No, I politely remove myself from that upcoming thankless job
  e. NO, one zillion times NO, nada, nyet, nao…get away from me you weirdos

Choose one answer only.
21)   * For those beautiful classmates who want to graciously assist on one or more of the reunion committees, on which committee(s) would you like to serve? (Note: see the Reunion Committee section of the 40-Year Reunion link on the website to see the committee descriptions we will utilize again for the 50-year Reunion).

  a. Program agenda sub-committee
  b. Food and Beverage sub-committee
  c. Golf sub-committee (if applicable)
  d. Transportation/Maps/Parking sub-committee
  e. Room/Location arrangement sub-committee
  f. Music sub-committee
  g. Give back to BHS committee
  h. Classmate search committee
  i. Awards/Recognition committee
  j. Finance/Registration committee

Select all that apply.
22)   * How motivated are you to want to give back to BHS in some form of silent auction or raffle?

  a. Give me an opportunity to give back in some fashion, as I am most grateful for my time at BHS.
  b. I would be willing if it were done in the right way.
  c. Do I look like an ATM machine? To be clear, I am not.
  d. I have given all that can be squeezed from this feeble, vapid carcass of mine. Go away.

Choose one answer only.
23)   * As we all approach 67 and 68 years of life, what best describes your physical fitness and energy?

  a. I got stopped by the police recently and was nearly arrested for illegally carrying these amazing guns.
  b. When I go to the gym, I don’t sweat, but the weights surely do.
  c. Jack LaLanne-ish in his 80’s (guys) or Madonna-ish now (girls).
  d. I start my day slowly and gradually taper off.
  e. More park bench, less bench press; and treadmills get you nowhere.
  f. Fewer arm curls, more coiffed curls.
  g. When I want better buns, I go to In-N-Out or Cinnabon.
  h. I am pushing 70… that is enough exercise for me.
  i. I can’t even exercise good judgment.

Choose one answer only.
24)   * OK, one more of these: What bird(s) best describes how you looked and/or felt during our BHS High School days?

  a. Swan
  b. Peacock
  c. Robin Redbreast
  d. Eagle or Hawk
  e. Stork
  f. Seagull
  g. Penguin
  h. Crow
  i. Turkey Vulture

Select all that apply.
25)   * How many years do you feel you will have left on this earthly orb?

  a. Not sure, but I am treating every day like my last.
  b. 𝝿 x 7 years
  c. d(3x3)/dx + x³+y³+z³=k days
  d. I expect to be at our 75th
  e. I am a baby boomer—we are invincible
  f. Till my money or my spouse runs out
  g. Whatever Keith Richards can do, I can do better

Select all that apply.
26)   * Describe your career (or post-graduation work in the home or elsewhere):

  a. Satisfying, wouldn’t change a thing
  b. Reasonably fulfilling and fruitful
  c. I thought slavery was abolished and illegal
  d. I went from indentured servant to sharecropper
  e. I went from heavy yoke to bondage (bad kind)
  f. I know hard work never killed anybody, but I didn’t want to take any chances
  g. I liked work...It was fascinating...I liked to sit and look at it for hours.

Select all that apply.
27)   * If you were speaking to an incoming BHS student about what lies ahead in High School, what song(s) best represents your sage advice to him or her?

  a. Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)
  b. Fantasy (Earth, Wind and Fire)
  c. Best Is Yet to Come (Tony Bennett)
  d. Golden Years (David Bowie)
  e. Everything’s Coming Our Way (Santana)
  f. Got to Be Real (Cheryl Lynn)
  g. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
  h. Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)
  i. Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)
  j. Bitch (The Rolling Stones)

Select all that apply.
28)   * Given all your life experiences and overwhelming wisdom, what principle(s) or phrase(s) below best describes your “north star” guidance to this point?

  a. One learns to love others by serving them
  b. Don’t argue with a mad man
  c. I pray like everything depends on a higher power, but act like it all depends on me
  d. Changing my attitude changes my circumstances
  e. People don’t care how much I know till they know how much I care
  f. Work is the yeast that raises your dough, and greater learning equals greater earning
  g. He/she who laughs…lasts
  h. The harder I work, the luckier I get
  i. Crisis + Time = Humor
  j. Direction first, then velocity
  k. Don’t confuse activity for achievement
  l. It is never too late to be what you might have been
  m. The face of a child says a lot. Especially the mouth part.

Select all that apply.
29)   * With 10 more years since we last asked this question, we again ask you now: Knowing what you know now and reflecting on your high school days, what would you have done differently at BHS?

Please write your comments or write "nothing" in the provided space.
30)   * Before we let you go, what pearl of wisdom or profound comment do you wish to share with our BHS ’72 classmates?

Please write your comments or write "nothing" in the provided space.